During the summer of 2000, lots of car-drivers in America were angry. online ukraine dating urgentessay.net The cost of gasoline went above $2 a gallon in some states. The age of cheap gasoline was over.
Today, in 2016,  gas costs at least $ 2 a gallon  throughout the USA. In California, even regular gas costs about $2.80 a gallon.
This is very cheap compared to Europe,* * but Americans think that it is very expensive.
The United States is the land of relatively cheap energy; America is the second biggest producer of oil in the world, but it is also the biggest importer. In fact, the USA imports over 20% of its energy, mostly in the form of oil.
There is oil under the ground in many parts of the USA. online ukraine dating urgentessay.net America’s first oil wells were drilled in the year 1859, in Pennsylvania; and since then, more and more wells have been made in other states.
Today, oil companies are “fracking”, and finding lots more oil under the ground.


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